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Climate Change in Sikkim - Patterns, Impacts and Initiatives

M. L. Arrawatia, IFS (Retd.)
Sandeep Tambe, IFS

Book Published by
Information and Public Relations Department
Government of Sikkim

[Total Pages: 424]

ISBN: 978-81-920437-0-9

[August, 2012 ]


Official Release of the Book by the Hon'ble Chief Minister- Sikkim, Shri. Pawan Chamling during the Independence Day Celebration at Paljor stadium, Gangtok on 15th August 2012

About the book
The novel idea of having a comprehensive academic book on climate change in Sikkim was conceptualized by the Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shri Pawan Chamling.The book is unique in the sense that it encapsulates scientific information in an attractive coffee table format. The book has been made possible by sharing of knowledge, based on years of in-depth research in the state by several scholars affiliated to premier research institutes. Also several experts have selflessly contributed their photographs. This book is second in the series after Biodiversity of Sikkim, and is a compilation of a diverse set of 23 articles from eminent scholars and academicians. The articles include patterns of climate change, signals and indications, historical perspective, impacts of climate change on forests, glaciers, lakes, environment, flora, fauna, agrobiodiversity, indigenous livelihoods, vulnerability assessment and adaptation experiments which are being up-scaled and mainstreamed in the ongoing development programs. This book will help to consolidate the growing scientific literature in the state and assist budding scientists to assess the present state of knowledge. The whole book has also been made available online at the web page.

To Read, Just click on the link. To Download, Right Click on the link and Click "Save Target As.."
Foreword / Preface / Contents
  Patterns and Evidence of Climate Change in Sikkim
Chapter 1 »
Climate Change Synthetic Scenario over Gangtok
K. Seetharam [Pg 1-18]
Chapter 2 »
An Analysis of Past Three Decade Weather Phenomenon in the Mid-Hills of Sikkim and Strategies for Mitigating Possible Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture
H. Rahman, R. Karuppaiyan, P. C. Senapati, S.V. Ngachan and Ashok Kumar [Pg 19-48]
Chapter 3 »
Historical Perspectives on Climate Change in Sikkim
T. R. Poudyal, IFS (Retired) [Pg 49-56]
  Impacts of Climate Change in Sikkim
Chapter 4 »
Impact of Climate Change on East - Rathong Glacier in Rangit Basin, West Sikkim
Keshar Kr. Luitel, D. G. Shrestha, N.P. Sharma and R. K. Sharma [Pg 57-68]
Chapter 5 »
Monitoring the Seasonal Snow Cover in Sikkim Himalaya using Remote Sensing Techniques
Smriti Basnett and Anil V. Kulkarni [Pg 69-80]
Chapter 6 »
Impact of Climate Change: Glacier Lake Outburst Floods (GLOFs)
Binay Kumar and T.S. Murugesh Prabhu [Pg 81-102]
Chapter 7 »
Climate Change and Alpine Flora in Sikkim Himalaya
Yasmeen Telwala [Pg 103-124]
Chapter 8 »
Climate Change and its Impacts on Forests of Sikkim
N.H.Ravindranath, Nitasha Sharma, Anitha Sagadevan, Mathangi Jayaraman, Madhushree Munsi [Pg 125-140]
Chapter 9 »
Effects of Climate Change on Birds, Herpetofauna and Butterflies in Sikkim Himalaya: A Preliminary Investigation
Bhoj Kumar Acharya and Basundhara Chettri [Pg 141-160]
Chapter 10 »
Understanding the Linkages: Climate Change and Biodiversity in the Kangchenjunga Landscape
Nakul Chettri, Bandana Shakya, Renzino Lepcha, Reena Chettri, Kamal Raj Rai and Eklabya Sharma [Pg 161- 178]
Chapter 11 »
Biogeographic Response of Rhododendrons to Climate Change in Sikkim Himalaya
Pradeep Kumar [Pg 179-192]
Chapter 12 »
Climate Change and Sustainability of Agrodiversity in Traditional Farming of the Sikkim Himalaya
Ghanashyam Sharma and Lalit Kumar Rai [Pg 193-217]
Chapter 13 »
Impact of Climate Change and Adaptation Measures in Dairy Sector of Sikkim
P. Senthil Kumar [Pg 219-232]
Chapter 14 »
Study of Forest Fires in Sikkim Himalaya, India using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
R. K. Sharma, Narpati Sharma, D. G. Shrestha, Keshar Kr. Luitel, M. L. Arrawatia and Safal Pradhan [Pg 233-244]
  Climate Change Related Vulnerability Asssesment in Sikkim
Chapter 15 »
Rapid, Cost Effective and High Resolution Assesment of Climate-Related Vulnerability of Rural Communities of Sikkim Himalaya, India
S. Tambe, M.L. Arrawatia, N.T. Bhutia and B. Swaroop [Pg 245-260]
Chapter 16 »
Groundwater Resources and Spring Hydrogeology in South Sikkim, with Special Reference to Climate Change
Kaustubh Mahamuni and Himanshu Kulkarni [Pg 261-274]
Chapter 17 »
Climate Change and Indigenous People
Tenzing Ingty and K.S. Bawa [Pg 275-290]
Chapter 18 »
Reducing the Vulnerability of the Poor by Building Resilience: A Case Study from South Sikkim
Anamika Barua, Suparana Katyaini and Bhupen Mili [Pg 291-316]
  Climate Change Initiatives in Sikkim
Chapter 19 »
Vulnerability of Sikkim to Climate Change and Strategies for Adaption
Sumana Bhattacharya, Srinivas Krishnaswamy and C. K. Rao [Pg 317-332]
Chapter 20 »
Reviving Dying Springs: Climate Change Adaptation Experiments from the Sikkim Himalaya
Sandeep Tambe, Ghanashyam Kharel, M. L. Arrawatia, Himanshu Kulkarni, Kaustubh Mahamuni and Anil K. Ganeriwala [Pg 333-350]
Chapter 21 »
Analysis of Grazing Exclusion Policy through a Climate Change Mitigation Lens: Case Studies from West Sikkim
Shweta Bhagwat, Manasi Diwan and Vivek Venkataramani [Pg 351-368]
Chapter 22 »
Climate Change Initiatives in Sikkim
Sandeep Tambe and M. L. Arrawatia [Pg 369-412]
Chapter 23 »
Climate Change in Sikkim: A Synthesis
Kamaljit S. Bawa and Tenzing Ingty [Pg 413-424]

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